23rd January, 2019 · Our News

Who am I?

My name is Charles Dickenson – but you can call me Charlie. I head up the Advocate Group senior team in our Manchester headquarters. My role covers commanding the team, morale boosting and strategic planning. I have been with the business for more than 7 dog years and I am looking now to expand the team.

Really though, who I am isn’t important. I’m more interested in getting to know you.

Why did I join the team?

Plain and simple, The Advocate Group has the best offering in the market. Using purpose-built technologies and solid recruitment processes, we act as extensions of our candidates and client partners to forge partnerships that truly last (96% client employee retention over 2 years says it all).

Not only are we transparent, passionate and highly collaborative;  we’ve also got the best perk package on the block for our consultants.

Beyond uncapped commission, extended wellness lunches, early finish Fridays, luxury holiday incentives, fully expensed seasonal events and 5 days off per year on top of your annual allowance – The Advocate Group offers an invaluably clear progression path, unique training opportunities and day-to-day support from the group’s on the ground directors.

What are our upcoming goals?

For the last 7 years, The Advocate Group have built a positive reputation in the industry and are now looking to grow and continue our Manchester and London expansion.

Hello…Is it you I’m looking for?

As it’s January and a great time for new beginnings, I’m looking for a Senior Consultant to join our Manchester team. As a Frenchie, I don’t have the same rigorous experience or skill requirements as other employers. What I’m primarily looking for is:

  • A pack animal – someone who understands the importance of teamwork, who will work with others in collaboration rather than using them as stepping stools.
  • Love Travel – We are looking for someone open to exploration and willing to travel to London a couple of times a month.
  • Humble – Even if you are the highest billing, most successful person in the world, your efforts won’t mean anything if you don’t treat others with respect.
  • Thoughtful – A problem shared is a problem halved, and the quicker you take it upon yourself to help and support others, the more highly valued you will be within the team.
  • Better than me – I am looking for someone with skills that outstrip mine, because why would I hire someone to do something that I could do better myself?
  • Thinks big – As a business, we like to think big – and you should think even bigger! We love ambitious and innovative people and welcome new ideas and brave new ways of thinking.
  • Can do attitude – We’re not in the business of carrying lazy or defeatist consultants, but those with high energy and motivation will flourish within the team.
  • Like dogs – You don’t have to like dogs, but would appreciate if you could pretend at least to like me.

If you’d like to join the success and fancy becoming a senior advocate, hit up my human interpreter Emma Walsh on or call our Manchester branch on 0161 639 0080.