How Much Do You Know About Your Market?

19th October, 2018 · Tips & Advice

Are you aware that only 15-20% of candidates within your sector are proactively seeking a new role?

Common feedback from our client partners indicates that the majority of employers don’t fully understand the composition of their available talent pool. Hiring processes improve considerably when the employer has a firm grasp of how many suitable candidates exist within their geographical area and a complete comprehension of the skill sets present within their local market.

How can you learn more about your market?

At The Advocate Group, we provide insight into the exact composition of the talent pool based on geographical, industry and skillset requirements.

This is not a drawn-out process, nor does it come at any extra cost – it’s all part of our value-added service as outlined in our terms of business.

Why do we go this extra mile?

We feel that it’s important to show the work behind the shortlist we provide you with. This level of transparency demonstrates how complete our 360° search & selection service truly is and serves to assure you that you will receive the best candidates in the industry – not just the best that happen to be on the market at that time.

It is also invaluable for roles which you have struggled to fill, as our insight shows you why you’ve faced difficulties and makes it easier to review alternative options.

To arrange a call from one of our specialist consultants or for more information about our Search & Selection services, simply visit our website here or email with your contact details and a convenient time to talk with us.