14th December, 2016 · Events, Industry News, Our News


As we draw a close on the final day of our ‘12 Days, 12 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement in 2017’ there’s one crucial thing that will determine the continued success of each and every initiative, and that success lies in consistency.

Whether your focus is on implementing a more inclusive development scheme, establishing concrete company values, introducing a structured incentive programme or giving greater focus to the cultural fit of your team, the driving momentum of any incentive or focus is in a consistent approach.

As businesses continue to look for new ways to re-invent their approach to the recruitment, retention and development of talent we’ve covered the key pillars that support a drive towards greater engagement and empowerment within organisations, ensuring you maintain competitive advantage and deliver more profitable business outcomes into the New Year.

The 12 Key Pillars of Employee Engagement

  1. The importance of business values
  2. How to deliver a competitive benefits package
  3. Don’t wait until the exit interview to talk
  4. Employee advocates are your strongest assets
  5. The importance of progression and advancement opportunities
  6. Sustainability and the triple bottom line
  7. The importance of culture and a 360° fit
  8. Diversity and inclusivity in the workplace
  9. Increase performance through an effective incentive programme
  10. Increase management transparency
  11. Create an inspiring and engaging environment
  12. Be consistent


If you missed any, you can visit our website for all 12 days!