14th December, 2016 · Events, Industry News, Our News


It’s a concept we’ve touched upon repeatedly across our engagement campaign, it’s been rated as the #1 factor contributing to employee happiness (TINYpulse) and it’s considered to be one of the most important factors effecting employee engagement, but how integral is transparency to your business?

In today’s climate every organisation should be thinking about how they can increase transparency not just externally but internally. As we ask for more participation and involvement from employees with that has to come a greater involvement from top management to open up processes, offer greater opportunity to impact business decisions and deliver the bigger picture.

Encouraging and maintaining a cohesive, collaborative working environment is on the top of many business agendas for 2017, but how can increased transparency contribute to this?

Five Reasons To Be More Transparent in 2017

  1. It enables you to effectively share your vision internally and deliver the bigger picture.
  2. It enables you to offer greater opportunity for employee contribution in decision making processes.
  3. It increases internal confidence and assurance.
  4. It’s a low cost initiative that’s proven to be not just effective but imperative in business.
  5. It encourages advocacy, not just participation.


  • How effectively have you communicated your organisations vision for 2017?
  • How transparent is your management communication?
  • How could you increase internal transparency to motivate and engage your workforce?