13th December, 2016 · Events, Industry News, Our News


It’s a fairly consistent approach that businesses rate skills and experience as the defining factors when it comes to recruiting new individuals. Experience is easy to define, and skill set is easy to assess but where does this leave the consideration of an individual’s values, habits, behaviour and culture?

Following a report from Forbes that ‘89% of hiring failures are due to poor cultural fit’ it’s an issue that is plaguing the business world, and yet one that companies are still struggling to asses effectively.

There are multiple areas that define a company’s culture, it isn’t controlled by top management it’s inherent within the company’s behaviour, norms, values and belief system and maintained by all individuals operating within the team. So how do you assess if new individuals will align with this?

There’s been a clear lack of emphasis and definition as to company values previously, however this is becoming less and less the case. As we’ve evolved within the Search and Selection industry we’ve directly experienced the shift in cultural focus that our leading clients have adopted. With the growth of culture-driven organisations there’s been a greater requirement to take a more innovative, in-depth and 360 approach in order to more effectively assess suitability.

This year we adopted a new technologically advanced system in order to deliver more accurate shortlists and deliver an exact fit for our clients. Through the incorporation of attitude and behaviour measurement tools we’ve taken away the reliance upon ‘gut-feelings’ and enabled clients to more scientifically assess how individuals would fit within their organisation.

As organisations base a greater importance of the recruitment, engagement and retention of top talent we’ve observed the impact that culture has on all three stages. Motivated by the fact that cohesion drives strength and a shift towards cultural focus drives more agile, innovative thinking, its more important than ever to understand and define your culture and its impact.

  • How often have you found yourselves hiring based on skill set and firing based on cultural fit?
  • What criteria do you currently use to effectively asses candidates against?
  • Typically what is your interview to placement ratio?
  • Have you defined your company culture in order to recruit and retain more effectively?