6th December, 2016 · Events, Industry News, Our News


Every company is looking to cultivate loyalty & advocacy with their audience, however many overlook the fact that leverage of this advocacy needs to start internally.

It works in a circle, engaged employees make passionate employees, the more they act as advocates and talk passionately about your company/brand, the more connected and engaged they become. By leveraging employee advocates you not only build and strengthen internal trust, you emphasise to your employees how vital they are to your company.

The rise of social media, has displaced the influential power of brands with a greater emphasis on the influential power of individuals, and companies need to react to this. There are now more customer facing employees than ever before and it’s imperative that your employees are given the ability to, and encouraged to talk about your brand.

Your strongest assets lie in your team and by bringing your internal advocates in direct contact with your customer base you have the ability to reflect company passion, brand values, and customer service standards more credibly than any other channel allows.

Five Key Benefits of Cultivating Employee Advocates:

  1. Benefit from engagement, which effects multiple crucial areas of your company
    2. Harness the value and credibility of positive word of mouth referrals
    3. Build trust internally and as a result externally
    4. Ensure your employees feel vital and valued
    5. Increase awareness, exposure and loyalty

Whilst awareness drives interest, advocacy goes further than this and drives loyalty, and customer loyalty is more important to businesses now than ever before.

• How important do you feel it is to create employee advocates?
• Do you encourage advocacy within your organisation?
• How has this reflected positively on your company?