14th December, 2016 · Events, Industry News, Our News


Given that it’s the one place that your employees will spend the greatest amount of time, it seems only right that office environment plays an integral part in the motivation, engagement and development of your workforce.

Creating and maintaining a collaborative team is going to be key to business advancement in 2017, whilst a great deal of this is driven by behaviour, environment also has a part to play. It’s not about buying the most expensive furniture, creating the most exciting space, or having the widest range of facilities, it comes down to functionality, collaboration, efficiency and flexibility.

By breaking up the working environment, offering a greater sense of diversity between key working areas and encouraging a greater level of creativity through innovation, you not only benefit your current employees, you also create a greater sense of value for prospective employees, partners and clients.

Changes to your environment should be shaped internally and driven by the needs and suggestions of those who understand your environment best, your employees. Taking the time this new year to understand how you could effectively enhance and improve your internal space could play a key role in driving value, productivity and engagement into 2017.

10 Benefits of an Engaging Working Environment

  1. Balance your environment
  2. Promote collaboration
  3. Aid and enhance efficiency
  4. Drive creativity
  5. Encourage interaction
  6. Offer the option for informal interaction
  7. Be more welcoming and inclusive
  8. Build morale and add value
  9. Increase productivity
  10. Serve company needs as well as company perception and personality


– Is your environment shaped by the needs and feedback from your employees?

– How has your environment aided in the recruitment, retention and development of your employees?

– Does your environment cohesively reflect your external business perception?