13th December, 2016 · Events, Industry News, Our News


As an employer your team are your greatest assets. Managing their morale, productivity, engagement and development is key to your success, but how many business leaders cite diversity as central to effective people management?

Driving an inclusive environment is proven to significantly impact employee outlook, yet still companies are struggling to effectively implement diversity strategies. LinkedIn, Google, Apple & Facebook all took to the web this year to publish their own internal statistics, with the results re-emphasising the need for a more comprehensive approach to equal opportunities from even the biggest names in business.

How can inclusivity and diversity really benefit you both internally and externally?

With the increased demand for innovative thinking and more companies looking to drive global expansion, diversity is more integral today than ever before. By capitalising on the breadth of experience, talent, vision and culture that a diverse workforce brings companies not only work to increase engagement and productivity, they also achieve greater competitive advantage.

  1. Breed an inclusive environment where all individuals feel encouraged and empowered to contribute.
  2. Gain exposure to new markets.
  3. Attract a wider talent pool.
  4. Benefit from a breadth of experience and viewpoints.
  5. Increase motivation through a diverse representation within leadership roles.
  6. Capitalise on all employee strengths, driving productivity and progression.
  7. Support & manage skill shortages and recruitment challenges more effectively.
  8. Widen community engagement & deliver a positive company image.
  9. Foster creativity & drive innovation.
  10. Gain competitive advantage.


  • What importance do you place on diversity in the workplace?
  • How do your recruitment and retention methods support your diversity strategy?
  • How do you intend to increase diversity within your company in 2017?