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The Ultimate Winner's Guide to Contactless Hiring

Learn why your contact-based hiring process could be losing you top talent and how you can avoid missing out...

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4 Effects You Could Be Experiencing...

Brand Damage

Many candidates will develop a deeply-held opinion of your firm after coming into contact with your recruitment campaigns. Are their impressions positive or negative?

Financial Damage

When a new hire leaves within months, or even weeks, the direct and indirect costs can easily run into six figures. Do you know how to improve new hire retention?

Restricted Growth

Missing out on talented personnel can slow or even stall your progress in the market. Would you know if the best candidates were being snapped up by your competition?

Second-Rate Recruitment

Your firm deserves 100% commitment from its recruiters. Do you know how much time your recruiter or HR manager is able to personally spend on your campaigns?

Chris Dickenson

Managing Director of recruitment powerhouse, The Advocate Group. The Advocate Group was established in 2012 as a specialist Search & Selection recruitment consultancy offering full brand-representation, bespoke services and true partnerships to all of our client companies. Since then, The Advocate Group has experienced rapid organic growth, cultivated an enviable client portfolio of leading name national & global brands and achieved hard to match success rates.

What's in it?

Your recruitment campaigns are a critical face of your business and are seen by hundreds or even thousands of people. But if your hiring strategy has this flaw (and most do), your brand is being smeared and you are wasting, conservatively, over £100K with every campaign.

This report takes less than 20 minutes to read, but what you learn could save you millions of pounds of wasted investment over the next few years.

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