Advocate360º – Recruit with a Difference

As industry experts, you want your recruitment process to reflect the quality of your business and to showcase your organisation as an employer of choice. The Advocate Group’s expert recruiters utilise Advocate360, our digital shortlisting platform, to provide:

  • Candidate Video Introductions
  • Mobile-Optimised Interfacing
  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Pre-Agreed Competency Assessments
  • Real Time Online Communication
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience

How will Advocate360º benefit you?

  • Increased Candidate Suitability Due To Pre-emptive Competency Questioning
  • Increased Interview To Placement Ratio
  • Increased Retention Through Scientifically Supported Hiring Decisions
  • Reduced Risk, Reduced Costs
  • Decreased Time To Hire
  • Effective And Consistent Delivery Of Your Brand
  • Improved In-Depth Analytical Insight On Every Aspect Of The Recruitment Process

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