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Fiddes Payne Ltd.

Fiddes Payne was originally established in 1993, supplying the food, independent and delicatessen trade with a basic range of herbs and spices. Following their ambitions, they soon turned their attentions to the grocery sector - opening an elite range of spice mills bearing the label of their recognisable Mosimann brand. A year on from this, Fiddes Payne entered the home baking market with the launch of beautifully crafted unique cake decorations.

Fiddes Payne are a customer and consumer focused business who aim to consistently deliver excellent service. They are value-led and believe every individual who comes into the company should be driven, ambitious and share their passion for food.

The Advocate Group are a pleasure to deal with. They really know their stuff! They are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and above all extremely professional.

The calibre of candidates that they have sourced has been of an exceptional standard.


Junior National Account Manager

The position was to support the Senior National Account Manager in the delivery of sales and margin growth with their key strategic Grocery customers whilst managing a small portfolio of their own. The role would enable the individual to achieve their commercial potential through creative customer management.

As this was the first time we had ever dealt with the client, Fiddes Payne opened the vacancy up to us alongside their local supplier, opting to work with us on a contingent basis.

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