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2Agriculture Ltd.

2Agriculture is an independent milling business which has been supplying feed to the poultry industry for the past 50 years. The company own various manufacturing plants spanning across the UK including sites in Scotland, East Anglia and North Wales.

Their comprehensive feed range includes boiler, broiler breeder, layer, duck and turkey feed formulated using the highest quality raw materials. The company now currently employ over 250 people working across five locations nationwide.


Maintenance Engineer

Maintenance engineers ensure that industrial machinery and equipment runs smoothly and reliably within the business. The role often involves the checking, repairing and servicing of machinery equipment, systems and infrastructures.

2Agriculture addressed the need to recruit a Maintenance Engineer with relevant expertise, due to a previous member of staff retiring. The client had previously struggled with finding candidates for the role due to the location of the site and found that individuals further afield were not willing to travel the long distance.

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